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VOCAL MASTERCLASS instagram poster 2024 (1080 × 1350 px) (1).png

Vocal Scholarship Scheme and Masterclass

with Martin Hundelt


Every year for the past 17 years the Apollo Music Trust has run a masterclass for talented and promising singers, and as a result of these masterclasses many of those singers have benefitted from a fully funded year of study, or longer, in Germany. We had a very good link with Cologne for many years, and now the link is with the Hochschuler in Lübeck. Most of these singers have found positions in Europe or America. 

We invite potential candidates to submit their applications for 2024. The masterclasses will run from 29 January to 3 February 2024. The final recital is open to the public and ends with a concert on Saturday 3 February at 3pm at Northwards House, at which the candidates will be showcasing their talents.

Click below to download your application form

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