Orchestrating Change

This presentation uses 9 musicians and a conductor to demonstrate leadership skills, change-management and team building. It can be adapted easily to deal with specific areas of interest or difficulty in any company.


The Concept:

A team of musicians contains a very highly skilled group of players, all with their own agendas and problems. They have to be melded quickly into an efficient music-making machine, but with a high emotional content which can satisfy both musicians and audiences. This is a very interesting process needing a great deal of co-ordination, give-and-take and team work as well as the management of different personalities for the benefit of the team. Managed properly, this difficult process can be turned into a fun and positive experience for all involved.


The Presentation:

In an amusing way, Richard and members of the Johannesburg Festival Orchestra act out this process in a 45 minute scenario which is interactive and can involve participation of a facilitator.


The last 15 minutes of the session involves all corporate participants present to form a team to sing together, showing how one can achieve rapid results when necessary.