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Johannesburg International Mozart Festival

The Johannesburg International Mozart Festival (JIMF) is a yearly celebration of one of the greatest composers in the Western Classical oeuvre, and is ultimately dedicated to the upliftment and education of classical music in Johannesburg, and South Africa as a whole. It has generated opportunities for many young people to expand their horizons, and has supported them in furthering their careers in the music industry. Many of them have done exceptionally well and are now gracing international stages. We use Mozart as the inspiration for a whole host of different programmes and events which are as delightful as they are varied, and aspire to create an atmosphere of community, active inclusion and togetherness, especially during a time when 'othering' and exclusion have become so prominent. Music has a way of reminding us of this sense of oneness in a way that not many other activities are able to do.


The History of JIMF

The Johannesburg International Mozart Festival started in 2006, and has been involved in events such as New Year concerts, chamber music concerts, solo recitals, concerts in collaborations with various arts organisations, choral concerts, volunteer orchestra projects, vocal masterclasses, jazz bands, school development projects, films, music talk series, and much much more.


CLICK HERE to read more about all the different concerts and events which have been a part of it.

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